Adventures in Pet Food

Increasing Humanization of pets around the world means rising numbers of pet owners who want and expect to feed their pets products similar to the types of food products they are seeking for themselves. When it comes to protein sources in pet foods, that translates into “human grade” meats, poultry or fish and shunning of any ingredients perceived as lesser quality, such as meat or poultry by-products or meals

Pet Food manufacturers have understandably responded to these consumer demands. So everyone should be happy, right?

The problem is that this situation is not sustainable, neither from a market standpoint nor especially in terms of ingredient sources and supplies.
According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), global consumption of meat and dairy products will rise by 102% and 82%, respectively, between 2000 and 2050 (as quoted in a 2012 report from the Ridget Institute in New Zealand).

With so many human mouths to feed, and so many of those humans seeking more meat, finding alternative protein sources is a must. That is doubly true for pet food, which will continue to see its sources and supplies of protein-based ingredients shrink.

Benefits of using edible insects as a protein source for pet food include a new protein source that could be non-allergenic to dogs and cats, plus the fact that insect protein is already used in foods for birds, fish and reptiles.
Cricket flour is very high in protein and essential fatty acids like omega-3 and omega-6, which are hard to find in most animal protein sources. This can contribute to your pets health by improving his skin and fur, and by preventing certain heart problems and arthritis.
Feeding dogs with primarily animal based protein sources can not only maintain an active animal, but reverse age-related changes in senior dogs while enhancing the health of all dogs.

If your pet eats insects you have to be proud! Our life companions would be the pioneers of sustainability in the food system!

The Power of protein in petfood for dogs by Jessica Taylor on September 12, 2014