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Adventures in Pet Food

Increasing Humanization of pets around the world means rising numbers of pet owners who want and expect to feed their pets products similar to the types of food products they are seeking for themselves. When it comes to protein sources in pet foods, that translates into “human grade” meats, poultry or fish and shunning of

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Smart Recipes

Gluten Free Soft Ginger Cricket Cookie These are the ginger cookies that dreams are made of! Absolutely irresistible to anybody fond of ginger and melt in your mouth cookies. Gluten-Free Soft Ginger Cricket Cookies Made with NMF Protein 2050 Gluten-Free Cricket Flour Includes 1g of cricket protein per cookie Makes 24 cookies *ingredients are gluten

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Elon Musk Style Innovation

We have a problem with the way we produce food. It’s a complex issue that involves our entire world. We need a variety of solutions in order to fix it. Insects can be part of that solution. We research and develop insects as an alternative to feed ingredients that are harmful to our planet. 40%

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Cool Ideas Based on Insects: Company’s And Startups With A Mission

Every month there is a new company entering this space; selling different forms of insects! EXO Foods – Energy Bars That Put a Chirp in Your Step Visit : SIX FOODS – Chirps  Chirps are chips based on insect flour. Chirps are made with a mix of wholesome beans, corn, peas, chia seeds, and of

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