High Protein Alternatives

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The pet food industry size has surpassed a USD 60 Billion cap in the USA in 2015. Global Pet Food mfg.’s are widening the product ranges with healthy alternatives. Our products have the demonstrable characteristics to fit in these product lines. Benefits include a new protein source that could be non-allergenic to dogs and cats. Are you a pet food manufacturer and you are interested in our story? For further details, please Contact us
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Our products can act as an intermediate for existing products, giving it more nutritional benefits. Our products have been incorporated in energy bars, chocolate, pancake mixes, pizza and pasta products, meat preparations, candy, chips, cookies, cake,.. The options are endless. For further details, please Contact us

Animal Feed
Traditional livestock farming has been deemed a major environmental threat with a larger carbon footprint than the global transport industry.  The use of insects in animal feed is one potential solution to improve the sustainability of animal diets as insects can be an alternative for the currently (less sustainable) used proteins. Looking for an alternative protein substitute? Contact us