Cool Ideas Based on Insects: Company’s And Startups With A Mission

Every month there is a new company entering this space; selling different forms of insects!

EXO Foods – Energy Bars That Put a Chirp in Your Step
exo_pbj.680wVisit :

SIX FOODS – Chirps 

Chirps are chips based on insect flour. Chirps are made with a mix of wholesome beans, corn, peas, chia seeds, and of course cricket flour. Our Chirps have 3x more protein and 40% less fat than your regular potato chips. Plus they are gluten-free, all natural and in just one serving you get 6 grams of protein. That’s more than an egg!


EntoBento – Dog Treats

Not only human oriented products (Ento Food) are developed but also animal oriented (Ento Feed) are becoming more and more popular. EntoBento for example has launched a series of products for the animal market: Dog treats made out of insect flour!
The great mission of EntoBento is to provide highly nutritious and tasty dog treats made from environmentally sustainable hypoallergenic  ingredients. Dog lovers don’t have to hesitate: it’s amazing good for their dogs and helps our world environmentally in a sustainable way.EntoBento_v5-No-Tag-small


Bens Bugs – Hamburgers from insects

Bens Bugs, a European start up, just started with burgers & wokkings based on insects. This way, they created a burger with almost the same taste as a normal burger but with a much, much better nutrition profile. The burger has a lot of proteins and a less fats.naamloos (2)